Sunny Strasburg, LMFT is a psychotherapist specializing in Jungian and Depth Psychology, EMDR, Internal Family Systems and the Gottman Couples Method. Sunny is a certified EMDR Trauma Specialist, and completed Levels I, II and III Advanced Training in Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy. She is currently enrolled at the California Institute of Integral Studies, completing a Certification in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy.  Sunny meets clients in person at her office in Salt Lake City. For more detailed information about her areas of treatment, please visit here.

If you are interested in individual, couples or family therapy, please send an email to Sunny at

Office Location: Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Jung saw the task of the therapist in helping to establish a dynamic interaction between the client’s conscious ego and the Self, a higher aspect of the client’s personality; this interaction takes the form of a dialectic exchange using the language of symbols. The healing then comes from the collective unconscious and it is guided by an inner intelligence whose immense wisdom surpasses the knowledge of any individual therapist or therapeutic school. This is the essence of what Jung called the individuation process.” -Stanislav Grof

As a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am certified as a Trauma Specialist, certified in EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing) for treating single episode and complex PTSD. Additional training includes Gottman Couples Method, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems and Jungian Depth Psychology.

Before establishing my private practice, I was a family, group and individual therapist at an in-patient adult drug and alcohol treatment facility. This site provided in-depth training on how to build rapport, help clients internalize motivation, and the opportunity to process a myriad of different co-morbidities that tend to occur with addiction, most commonly PTSD.

I serve a broad spectrum of clientele, working with LGBTQ individuals and couples, diverse age groups and developmental stages, as well as racially and culturally diverse individuals. I have worked and volunteered in sites serving populations including autism, hospice, refugee populations homeless, veterans, and abuse. I specialize in treating complex and single episode PTSD, DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), conflicted relationship communication, attachment trauma, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, addiction, OCD, anxiety, depression, grief, awakening a sense of purpose, gender dysphoria, and life and developmental change.

I have been trained in psychological assessment and diagnosis. I frequently use several methods of assessing clients for relationship conflict, attachment styles, dissociative disorders and PTSD. My goal in therapy is to work collaboratively with clients, and to trust the natural unfolding of the psyche. The psyche has a natural inclination to move toward wholeness and health once the proper container is provided. That container is formed by a strong therapeutic alliance, and a safe psychological space to explore the shadowlands of one’s psyche. As I have gained more experience, I realize that I am not the “expert” in the therapeutic relationship, providing the right answers to misguided clients. Rather, I have come to realize the human psyche is wonderfully wise, and as long as I remain curious, open and supportive, subjective distress is soothed and clients move toward mental health.

I received a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, an institute which focuses on Jungian Depth Psychology and houses the library of comparative mythologist, Dr. Joseph Campbell. This education was fortunate because of its holistic psychological orientation. The breadth and depth of learning at Pacifica was truly unique. Students were trained in Jungian and Freudian concepts. I learned about transference, counter-transference and the importance of holding the tension of opposites. At Pacifica, I came to understand that humans are complex archetypal beings, storytellers, and myth makers. I grew tremendously in those years, both as a budding therapist, and as a person.

In subsequent years, I have been fortunate to learn directly from a few leaders in the psychology field, including; Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Gerard Puk, Dr. James Hollis, Dr. James Hillman, Dr. Michael Meade, Anastasia Pollock, MSW, Dr. William Richards, and Dr. Marion Woodman. Due to the diversity of my training, I use an eclectic approach to psychotherapy, weaving EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Jungian Depth Psychology, Hypnosis, Dream Analysis and Attachment Theory into treatment.

In addition to being a psychotherapist, I am also a visual artist and incorporate art and psychology into many of my endeavors. I am a supporter of MAPS. My paintings have been displayed at MAPS fundraiser events. In 2009, I had an art exhibition at COSM, Alex Grey’s gallery in New York City. I have illustrated the cover and art for several books, and often have art exhibitions in California, Denver and Salt Lake City. Several years ago, I have lived on and off in Costa Rica and have had direct experiences under shamanic and indigenous leaders in that beautiful country.

I have had a longtime vision of potentiating therapy offered to clients with PTSD by creating a treatment plan which incorporates psychedelic medicines, EMDR, hypnosis and dream analysis. EMDR is an effective tool for processing trauma, but the ability to support that experience with psychedelic medicine could potentially alleviate suffering for many more clients in significantly less time. These medicines often evoke what I call the “Observer” part of the psyche. This wise part has the distance to feel a deep sense of empathy toward the traumatized parts of the psyche. I recognize practitioners of this psychedelic assisted therapy require the best training in how to properly and legally support clients using these medicines, and to follow empirically-based protocols which have been proven safe and effective. This is particularly essential for fragile, traumatized clients.

I am a lover of nature and spend time hiking, trail running and mountain biking in the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains and the deserts in Southern Utah. I enjoy fitness, research in psychology, philosophy and the philosophical implications of nascent areas of research such as the juxtaposition of psychedelics and artificial intelligence.