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The Theradelic Approach by Sunny Strasburg, LMFT


Exploring Consciousness with Innovative Healing Solutions

I am a certified and licensed psychedelic trauma therapist,  merging novel technology, art and science. This alchemy fosters deep and enduring positive change. The world is in a psychological crisis, trauma is an epidemic, and mental healthcare is inaccessible for most. I develop novel approaches to healing by delivering therapy, speeches and interviews, training, retreats, virtual reality and mobile app content, and psychedelic exploration to optimize and expedite positive outcomes.

Utilizing effective and attuned communication and support, we can remove the blocks of trauma, cultural conditioning and self doubt. Then, the true self yearning to step forward is not only revealed, but activated. I serve to inspire all people, including therapy clients, mental health clinicians and other professionals through the exploration of consciousness and self actualization.

When the message received resonates with what the inner self already knows, we feel deeply seen and inspired. By creative thinking and leaning into challenges, we learn to trust ourselves more than the limitations by which we’ve been conditioned. Using my multidisciplinary expertise, there is movement toward wholeness. We may then see the magic and potential in everyday life. I hold a lantern to illuminate your path towards what you are meant to become.

Sunny Strasburg is a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, licensed in Utah and Maryland. She is an EMDR Certified trauma specialist. She is a graduate of the Certification for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Sunny utilizes Gottman Couples Method, attachment theory, Jungian Depth psychology Internal Family Systems, and Ego State work. Mrs. Strasburg offers Ketamine Assisted Therapy and retreats. Please visit her retreat website HERE


This week, Sunny Strasburg LMFT, Certified Psychedelic Trauma Therapist & Clinical Director at TRIPP, joins Rob Kalwarowsky.  We talk about the Hero’s Journey, psychedelics, therapy and more.

In this episode, you will learn:

⊛  How the Hero’s Journey applies to your leadership journey

⊛  The intersection of leadership, psychedelics and therapy

⊛  How to open your parts up for journeys

Join me at the Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Summit! My friends at Heart Mind Institute and Neurodynamic Institute have created a extraordinary, Free, online Summit to explore the many vehicles humans have used for millennia to access expanded states of consciousness and benefit from their potential for deep healing, profound transformation and spiritual awakening, including meditation, breathwork, psychedelics, plant medicines, shamanism, music, chanting and more… 

Over nine powerful days, you will have the opportunity to learn strategies for accessing and integrating expanded states of consciousness with over 65 world-class experts, practitioners, scientists, philosophers, researchers, meditation teachers, and wisdom holders including…

Stan Grof, Deepak Chopra, Bessel van der Kolk, Richard Schwartz, Sunny Strasburg, Andrew Weil, Grandmother Flordemayo, Dan Siegel, Joan Borysenko, Paul Stamets, Luisah Teish, Adyashanti, Ella Manga, Thomas Hübl, Sandra Ingerman, A. H. Almaas, Diana Quinn, Ken Wilber, Rosalind Watts, John Vervaeke, Marie Mboumi, Krishna Das, Amoda Maa, Dawson Church, Monica Williams, James Fadiman, Gangaji, Dennis McKenna, and many more…  

She has co-authored trauma protocols for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Sunny hosts training and retreats with Dr.Richard Schwartz, the creator and founder of Internal Family Systems. Mrs Strasburg has led trainings with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk focusing on somatic and trauma psychedelic assisted therapy. She gives presentations, offers training and consulting in Ketamine combined with EMDR, Internal Family Systems and archetypal psychology.  Mrs Strasburg has completed training with Compass Pathways in psilocybin assisted psychotherapy and completed a volunteer residency at Synthesis with psilocybin, and trained at the Ketamine Training Center in Ketamine Assisted Therapy. She was trained in MDMA Assisted Therapy by Michael and Annie Mithoefer through MAPS, and co-facilitates Holotropic Breathwork Workshops. Sunny lived near an ayahuasca retreat center in Latin America, and served to help participants to both prepare for and integrate their experiences. Mrs Strasburg is also a visual artist and her paintings were recently featured on the MAPS yearly bulletin for 2019.

Sunny Strasburg, LMFT and Dr. Richard Schwartz, the originator of Internal Family Systems have joined forces to cocreate many offerings in 2022, 2023 and forward in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems. Watch for future events in Sunny’s NEWSLETTER, News page and Linked In.

Mrs Strasburg received a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, an institute which focuses on Jungian Depth Psychology and houses the library of comparative mythologist, Dr. Joseph Campbell. This education was fortunate because of its holistic psychological orientation. The breadth and depth of learning at Pacifica was truly unique. Students were trained in Jungian and Freudian concepts. There, she learned about transference, counter-transference and the importance of holding the tension of opposites. At Pacifica, Sunny came to understand that humans are complex archetypal beings, storytellers, and myth makers.

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See You On The Other Side

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Psychedelic Trauma Therapy with Sunny Strasburg, LMFT

See You On The Other Side Podcast: Join us as we talk about virtual reality in the psychedelic space, ketamine therapy, the importance of having support before and after a psychedelic experience, what it means to be trauma informed, and why it’s important to interview your therapists!

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Dangerous Wisdom K-Wholeness: Another installment in one of our ongoing pathways of contemplation: How to bring a little more wisdom, love, and beauty into our work with the medicines of this world.

In this episode, Sunny Strasburg, LMFT joins us to discuss ketamine, magic, and more.

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Sunny Strasburg, LMFT- Winner of Salt Lake City Weekly’s Best Psychotherapist/Counselor 2021

Sunny Strasburg, LMFT
Specializing in individual, marriage and family counseling, Strasburg earned her professional stripes at an in-patient adult drug and alcohol treatment facility. Strasburg’s focus is energizing and inspiring people; she feels a calling to bring psychedelic medicine to people recovering from trauma, depression and anxiety. She has a deep knowledge of psilocybin, a growing treatment in the country. 

Cofounder of PsyAssist

Sunny Strasburg, LMFT is the cofounder and owner of PsyAssist with DJ and musical composer, David Starfire. PsyAssist was recently acquired by TRIPP, Inc. Sunny is now the Clinical Director of Operations at TRIPP, Inc overseeing psychedelic development and clinical therapy support using virtual reality and mobile app technologies. This article published in FORBES talks about our company. TRIPP PsyAssist develops virtual reality and mobile tools to support therapist supported psychedelic journeys.

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Jung saw the task of the therapist in helping to establish a dynamic interaction between the client’s conscious ego and the Self, a higher aspect of the client’s personality; this interaction takes the form of a dialectic exchange using the language of symbols. The healing then comes from the collective unconscious and it is guided by an inner intelligence whose immense wisdom surpasses the knowledge of any individual therapist or therapeutic school. This is the essence of what Jung called the individuation process.
Stanislav Grof