Visions for Artists and Alchemists

Singing /KAP Retreat

Finca Mia Costa Rica 2022 

with Michele Taggert & Sunny Strasburg, LMFT

April 12-19, 2022

    Are you feeling the call to deepen levels of self awareness, activation and awakening?

    Do you yearn for insight, replenishment, and a feeling of community?

    Do you desire a way to sustain the incredible visionary and mystical awarenesses from the retreat experience back into your daily life, for practical application?

    What makes this retreat unique is the merging of licensed psychological training with the mystical psychedelic path. There is a yearning for psychedelic experiences to be safe, effective and guided in a way that is both profoundly mystical as well as scientifically sound. 

    This is an offering for those who have done their personal work through therapy, journeying and self inquiry. 

    A week long retreat with Michele Taggart and Sunny Strasburg. We will incorporate two singing ceremonies with Michele, followed by two Intramuscular Injection/Oral Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy group sessions facilitated by Sunny.  Along with the ceremonies, we will offer group processing, art creation and dance. 

    Held in the green mountains of Costa Rica, on the foothills of Chirripo, and alongside the sacred Tilari River, we are grounded on Earth. This is a literal reminder of inner alchemy~ that as we may go out to the furthest reaches of spirit, we return back to be grounded, landing and rooted into the Earth Herself. We return enriched and enlivened, ready to activate in sharing our own special Medicine with the world. We will midwife your psyche to awaken and articulate that Medicine that lives within you. We will begin to release the psychological blocks that have blocked your full expression in this life.

    The focus is on deep integration for the landing back into our daily lives.

    Ketamine is already established as a remarkably safe anesthetic.  A growing body of research and practice is showing great promise for the mental health-enhancing effects of sub-anesthetic Ketamine alone. Additionally, with psychological and ritual support, the pharmacological benefit can expand greatly. What is referred to as the “psycholytic dose” or “shamanic dose”  enables powerful psychedelic exploration and integration.  Ketamine is a legal prescription drug in the USA. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy after singing ceremonies is an energetic glide-down to a gentle landing earthside. This retreat will be supported by extensive integration, and individual and group therapeutic processing utilizing the techniques of EMDR, ego state and IFS as well as Jungian archetypal psychology..  

    Medical and psychological intakes are done prior to retreat. Participants are screened, vetted for appropriateness of KAP for depression, anxiety, CPTSD and PTSD.  Optional one-on-one psychotherapy available with Sunny for trauma processes and integration and daily integration therapy groups will be held throughout the week. Sunny uses EMDR, Internal Family Systems, ego state and Jungian archetypal psychology.

    Magick and Jungian Archetypal Psychology will be interwoven into the retreat experience. There will be optional add ons such as hiking, horseback riding, massage, acupuncture, etc

    Painting and group painting mandala making will be incorporated. Taught by Martin and Sunny. We will create a large piece made by the entire Sangha—a collective piece that incorporates the magic we cocreate into a tangible object and reference point for the week. Group dance will be part of the therapeutic process. Live music, and music  will be woven throughout the week. There will be an art showing of Mandalas and their group art piece.

    Sunny Strasburg, LMFT is a licensed trauma psychotherapist in Utah and Maryland. She is a certified EMDR trauma specialist, trained in Gottman Couples Method, and Ego State Therapy. Sunny has extensive training in the medical model of psychedelics. She is a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Marriage and Family Therapy. She also holds the Certification of Psychedelic Therapy and Research at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is trained in psilocybin assisted therapy by Compass at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and Aquilino Cancer Center, Synthesis Retreat Center in Amsterdam, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy at the Ketamine Research Foundation and MDMA therapy with MAPS. Sunny is a lead trainer at Ketamine Training Center and offers retreats in California, Park City, Utah, Jackson,  Wyoming and Washington, DC. She also offers ketamine assisted therapy individual sessions to her clients in Utah. 


     Sunny feels that her training and experience in masculine-dominated western medicine and research is best supplemented and balanced by the feminine aspects of healing. Sunny practices in the La Stregere Italian Witchcraft tradition and is trained in Jungian Archetypal Psychology. She is also a visual artist and athlete. 


    Mrs Strasburg now is powerfully called to move into a more balanced feminine expression of offering healing… archetypal art, dream analysis, dance, movement and magick. These elements form an archetypal marriage of  the elemental King and Queen as a powerful infusion of balanced masculine and feminine throughout the retreat experience. We create an alchemy of balance between the medical model, formal psychological training and art, magick and movement. Tbis alchemy creates a holistic offering of healing.