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News Spring 2022

Happy Cows in Costa Rica

Inside the Maloca at the Finca Mia Retreat Center in Costa Rica

Maloca in Costa Rica

Monthly KAP Day Retreats in SLC, Utah

I continue to work with therapy clients, focusing on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy at my office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Approximately once a month, we offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy retreats, co-hosted by Karen Madigan, CRNA in Salt Lake City.  These retreats begin in the morning, last until early afternoon, and have a catered lunch and a group integration process.

Our next KAP day retreat is on May 22, 2022 at the Green Lotus Center in Salt Lake City.

We have a few spots left. Please email me if you are interested in joining us!


We have a new, beautiful retreat location in Emigration Canyon!

Future KAP Day Retreats Dates are:
Friday, July 1
Friday, August 26
Sunday, October 2
Friday November 11
Friday, December 9

Please email me for more info:


*Please note there is an intake process for new patients interested in attending these retreats. Intake forms and a 50 min, $170  psychological and medical intake session are required prior to being cleared for attendance.
The room ready fro Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Park City, Utah

KAP Retreat SLC

Elemental Healing Retreat, Costa Rica

In April, I offered my Elemental Healing Retreat in Costa Rica for a full group of brilliant minds and souls. It was a transformational experience for all of us. Collaborating with Michele Taggart, who owns and produces events at Finca Mia with her husband Ian,  was inspiring and humbling. Their enchanting site on Mt Chirripo is a true labor of love, the cabinas are all incredibly original and beautiful, the group spaces are warm and inviting, and the food is local, organic, and outstanding!

The retreat protocol was structured around the Hero’s /Heroine’s Journey and each group experience incorporated the alchemical elements of the Four Directions. This was developed based on the theme of my Master’s Thesis at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and based upon the work of  C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Marie Louis von Franz, and Edward Edinger.

Group processing, individual therapy utilizing EMDR and Internal Family Systems, as well as extensive integrative support was integral to the retreat. we also co-created a large, collaborative painting to commemorate our experience… a painting by 20 people! We also enjoyed an ecstatic and somatic dance experience with the DJ mastery of David Starfire.  This was the first retreat I’ve produced which delved fully into my favorite modality and one which lends itself seamlessly to the psychedelic journey experience, Archetypal Psychology and the work of C.G. Jung.

I eagerly look forward to creating future events which are based on these ideas, and the process of individuation through the lens of the Hero’s /Heroine’s Journey.

We will be hosting the Elemental Healing Retreat next year on the same dates 4/12-19/2023.
Please watch for announcements on my retreat website

Check out the photos and more details on my Instagram page @SunnyStrasburgLMFT

Explore upcoming retreats

The Ketamine Training Center.

The past few months have been very busy as well as exciting. I served as a Lead Trainer at the Advanced Ketamine Training at 1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz, California. This training was offered through the Ketamine Training Center for licensed practitioners already trained and versed in Ketamine Assisted Therapy. We structured this training in a novel way, inviting the attendees to all be teachers as well as students. I feel grateful and inspired to learn from my colleagues. I have learned much from so many friends and colleagues!

IFS & KAP Training at Menla Retreat

For over a year, I have been working to bring together a special training for best practice in Internal Family Systems and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Drs Richard Schwartz and Phil Wolfson. I am elated to watch the training come together!

We will be offering this novel IFS/KAP training in May 27, 2022 at the Menla Retreat Center.
The first training group is sold out, but we are planning to offer more in the future.

Licensed clinicians may apply at the Ketamine Training Center website here.

KAP and IFS Ketamine Assisted PSychotherapy and Internal Family Systems training for Clinicians with Sunny Strasburg, Phil Wolfson and Richard Schwartz

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Consultation Services

I offer consultation for clinicians seeking training and support for KAP. If you are a licensed clinician and interested in more information, please email me at

Fog over trees in the mountains of Costa Rica
For the past two years, my business partner, composer and DJ, David Starfire and I worked together remotely and created a company in which we music and voice guidance content to support patients during psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, PsyAssist. David accompanied me to Costa Rica for the Elemental Healing Retreat and offered live music throughout. It was amazing to experience our collaborations in real time and be in the same “time and space” dimension after years of work together remotely! I am grateful for David’s incredible skill and talent. I am now the Clinical Director of Operations, and David is the Creative Director of Music at TRIPP PsyAssist and we are creating research studies looking at ways virtual reality enhanced meditation may reduce anxiety for patients undergoing Ketamine treatment for psychiatric disorders. Our VR and mobile app, PsyAssist is set to be released on late Summer, 2022. Check out our website and sign up for the waiting list at

If you are interested in co-creating a private retreat with us, please email:
Sunny Strasburg and David Starfire in Costa Rica serving at a psychedleic assisted therapy retreat

My business partner and incredible composer and DJ, David Starfire

Our website is LIVE!
We will be offering guided music, meditations
and integration tools for psychedelic journeys.
Check it out

Banner for PsyAssist, a mobile and virtual reality app for Therapists
Indra's Net Coalition through the Ketamine Research Foundation
Indra’s Net Coalition is a nonprofit organization operating under the Ketamine Research Foundation which I cofounded with Dr. Phil Wolfson in 2020. I am the co-executive director with Phil.
When we created INC, we saw that stress and trauma is at an all-time high.The pandemic has disrupted critical mental health services in 93% of countries – yet the need for them is greater than ever. Therapists are at capacity with months-long waiting lists. Therapy is financially inaccessible to many that are suffering and in need of support.

Indra’s Net facilitates free and accessible support groups for those suffering from trauma caused by recent events such as the Covid-19, racism, poverty, and global climate change. Leaders in different modalities of trauma research and therapy have joined forces to provide a best practice, global, and scalable set of therapy models and interventions. We just had our website redesigned to be streamlined and easier to use. The new site makes it easy to sign up as a Facilitator or Participant for free Sharing Groups.  Sharing groups are held as a 6-week virtual or in-person program and organized by themes such as COVID-19, abuse, racism, ecological crisis, financial stress and more.


I am looking for another therapist to sublet my therapy office in Salt Lake City! Its a beautiful, large office with original paintings and a private waiting room centrally located near Liberty Park. It is available Mondays, Tuesdays, and occasional Fridays. Please email me if you are interested, or know of another therapist.

Sunny Strasburg Jaguar Painting Martin Stensaas Psychedelic Ayahuasca

Art by Sunny Strasburg and Martin Stensaas


In February, Martin Stensaas and I participated in a revolutionary art exhibit at the iconic, historical building, The Mint in San Francisco with the assistance of David Starfire and Zach Krausnick. This exhibit is an augmented reality 3D art exhibition with the art available for chase via NFT.  “Balam” the work above was featured as a 3D animation.  Produced by The Verse.
Verse Art of the Future augmented reality art show

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