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News Summer 2022

Hiking in Southern Utah

Are you anxious, depressed or suffering from the effects of trauma?

You may be interested in joining our One Day Ketamine Retreat.
Our next retreat is on 8/26/22

We have a new, beautiful retreat location in Emigration Canyon, Utah.

Future KAP Day Retreats Dates are:
Friday, August 26
Sunday, October 2
Friday November 11
Friday, December 9

More info: Website or Email
*Please note there is an intake process for new patients interested in attending these retreats. Medical and psychological Intake forms, as well as a 50 min, $170  psychological session are required prior to being cleared for attendance. It is highly recommended participants have an established  psychotherapist who can provide ongoing support.
A photo of 1440 Multiversity retreat center campus in Northern California

1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA

A photo of Richard Schwartz and Sunny Strasburg at the Internal Family Systems training at Menla Retreat Center in New York

Dr Schwartz and Mrs Strasburg have a vision of creating and hosting retreats for Self-led Activism. What would our world be like if leaders made decisions from the 8 C’s of IFS?

Curiosity · Compassion · Clarity · Connectedness · Creativity · Courage · Confidence · Calm.

IFS KAP Retreat

Internal Family Systems and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
with Dr Richard Schwartz and Sunny Strasburg, LMFT

November, 2022 at 1440 Multiversity in Scott’s Valley, CA

This event is by invitation. Watch for developments on the website.


Cover of the book, No Bad Parts about Internal Family Systems by Dr Richard Schwartz

A must read on Internal Family Systems, 
No Bad Parts by Dr Richard Schwartz Available on Amazon and Audible.

A Buddha sculpture on top of a granite stone at the Menla Retreat Center in New York

Buddha at Menla Retreat Center NY

Explore upcoming retreats

Click HERE to learn more.

Check out the photos and more details on the Instagram page @SunnyStrasburgLMFT

Group of Psychotherapists at a training at Menla Retreat Center in Internal Family Systems and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Internal Family Systems and KAP KTC Training Team, Menla, NY

Detail of a painting by Martin Stensaas and Sunny Strasburg titled, "The Discovery of Invention."

The Ketamine Training Center.

Sunny helped initiate, organize and served as Lead Trainer at the first Internal Family Systems and Ketamine Assisted Therapy training for licensed practitioners with Dr Richard Schwartz and Dr Phil Wolfson at Menla Retreat Center in upstate New York in May, 2022. The training was structured in a novel way, amalgamating KAP and IFS with mid-dose and psycholytic dose journeys with ample IFS processing.

It was a delightful success, and this novel IFS/KAP training will be offered again on the West Coast in February, 2023 at 1440 Multiversity.

Watch for updates.
Licensed clinicians may apply at the Ketamine Training Center website here.

Sunny Strasburg, LMFT therapy with a client psychlediec assisted therapy ketamine

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Consultation Services

Mrs Strasburg offers consultation for clinicians seeking training and support for KAP. If you are a licensed clinician and interested in more information, visit HERE or email at

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Clinicians and Patients need playlists, meditations, and integration support

The PsyAssist website is LIVE!
Offering guided music, meditations
and integration tools for psychedelic journeys on mobile app and virtual reality.
Sign up on the waitlist here:

Our Mission PsyAssist TRIPP

Sunny is the Clinical Director of Operations at TRIPP PsyAssist. Sunny is the Co Primary Investigator with Dr Christian Yavorsky looking at how much PsyAssist CALM virtual reality enhanced meditation may reduce anxiety for patients prior to Ketamine treatment for psychiatric disorders. The research study in VR consists of a meditation Mrs Strasburg wrote, voice recorded, with music by David Starfire, and immersive VR visuals by the TRIPP creative team.

Our VR and mobile app, PsyAssist is set to be released on late Summer, 2022. Check out our website and sign up for the waiting list at

If you are interested in co-creating a private retreat with David Starfire and Sunny Strasburg, LMFT, please email:

Sunny Strasburg, LMFT speaking on a panel discussion at The Seminar

Mrs Strasburg was invited to speak with Sunstone Therapies’ Chief Experience Officer, Mr. Chris Baer and Novamind’s, Dr. Paul Thielking at  The Seminar Annual Forum in Park City, Utah. Sunny and her colleagues discussed the potential psychedelic assisted therapy has for mental health, and the revolution occurring in the fields of psychology and psychiatry with new research supporting the use of psychedelic assisted therapies.

Sunny Strasburg at Burning Man

Are you going to BURNING MAN this year? Sunny and Martin camp with Michele and Ian from Finca Mia. This is a pic of Michele and Ian’s art car.  If you’re going, reach out and connect on the PLAYA!

An Art Car Braterpillar at Burning Man