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News Winter 2022-2023

Mt Bianco, France


Please find announcements, upcoming retreats and trainings below.

In winter
       all the singing is in
       the tops of the trees
 White-Eyes~ Mary Oliver

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IFS KAP Retreat
Self Led Activism
Dr Richard Schwartz
Sunny Strasburg, LMFT

1440 Multiversity

Watch for future retreats and trainings HERE

Internal Family Systems and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
Dr Richard Schwartz and Sunny Strasburg, LMFT


“Internal Family Systems and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy complement each other beautifully. I am honored to have co-hosted & co-created an IFS/KAP retreat with Dr. Richard Schwartz, the originator of Internal Family Systems at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California. We hosted 21 business leaders with the view of healing people in positions of influence so that they may lead from grounded and healed Self energy. I have been using IFS along with EMDR and archetypal/depth psychology in my KAP practice and retreats for the past two years. It was amazing to bring a group together and watch Dr Szchwartz’ mastery using the IFS model & the healing amplification of psychedelic medicine. Several of the participants said it was the most life-changing experience they’ve ever had. I feel incredibly honored to have created the container and space alongside so many incredible healers and practitioners. We enjoyed live and pre-recorded music with David Starfire, the incredible medical support of Dr. Dan Ahlers & Julie Brody, RN, and IFS support from Dr Dave Lovus. Special thanks to Scott Kriens and the entire 1440 team. Each day felt like magic was being potentiated and we left buzzing with ideas and excitement about our future collaborations.” -Sunny
Please watch for announcements on Sunny’s retreat website
A room full of yoga mats with a vaulted ceiling

The Sanctuary at 1440 Multiversity

An A-frame wooden building on top of a waterfall

1440 Multiversity Campus in Santa Cruz, CA

Cofounder of 1440 Multiversity, Scott Kriens

Dreamteam Leadership Team: Dr Dave Lovus, Sunny Strasburg, LMFT, Dr Richard Schwartz, Julie Brody, RN, Dr Dan Ahlers, david Starfuire

Upcoming Retreats

Inside the Maloca at the Finca Mia Retreat Center in Costa Rica

Elemental Healing
Medicine Retreat
Costa Rica
April 12-19, 2023

Elemental Healing with Sunny Strasburg and Michele Taggart, and medical supervision with Karen Madigan.  This retreat focuses on the Heroine’s Hero’s Journey, enhancing durable and proven integration techniques unique because it brings two medicines, two experienced facilitators, and four journeys together for a direct mystical experience. We will anchor visionary experience into psychological insight with narrative re-framing. We also use somatic IFS and EMDR processing to retain lasting change. We are more likely to create resiliency and enduring clarity when the journey is safely combined with best practices; facilitated in a way that is both profoundly mystical and grounded in psychotherapy.


There is still space available for you.

More info:
Sunny Strasburg Retreats Website

To see lodging options and Finca Mia Retreat Center:

Finca Mia Website


Send an “I’m Interested” Email


*Please note space is limited. Last year sold out. Please email with interest.

Flyer for the Elemental Healing and Singing Therapy Retreat in Costa Rica
Vibrant green foliage outside of rustic retreat space

One Day Ketamine Assisted Therapy Retreats
Sunny Strasburg, LMFT & Karen Madigan, CRNA

Approximately once a month, Ketamine Assisted Therapy retreats are co-hosted by Karen Madigan, CRNA and Sunny Strasburg, LMFT in Salt Lake City. These retreats begin in the morning, last until early afternoon, and have a catered lunch and group process integration sessions after.

Please note: In attending any retreat, you must have already established with and are meeting regularly with a therapist who is knowledgeable and supportive of psychedelic medicine. If you are a therapy client of Sunny’s, please schedule an appointment the week following the retreat.

Future KAP Day Retreats Dates
Sunday February 26, 2023
This is a special retreat that will be hosted in a gorgeous home on the benches in Olympus Cove, Salt Lake City.

Space is limited.

More info: 
Website or Email

*Please note there is an intake process for new patients interested in attending these retreats. Intake forms and a 50 min, $220 psychological and medical intake session are required prior to being cleared for attendance.
A lotus blossoming

New Office Location

As of January 1, 2023, Sunny will be moving her office location. Her space will be located within the

Lotus Center for Healing and Wellness

Mrs Strasburg is excited for this new venture. The Lotus Center is owned and under the leadership of the wonderful, Cindy Wasek, DNP, APRN.
Intramuscular Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions with Sunny Strasburg, LMFT are available for patients of Mrs Strasburg. Please email with interest and questions.

Address: 4376 South 700 East, #200
Salt Lake City, UT

A rainbow eyball
White letters on black
A hawk flying through psychedelic clouds
Sunny Strasburg, LMFT therapy with a client psychlediec assisted therapy ketamine

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Consultation Services

Mrs Strasburg offers consultation for clinicians seeking training and support for KAP. If you are a licensed clinician and interested in more information, visit HERE or email at

Individual Therapy Services
Mrs Strasburg provides individual therapy services both in person at her office in Salt Lake City as well as virtually. Please email Sunny to inquire about individual therapy.

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